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High temperature grease MC-1510 Blue ADVANTAGES: Lithium complex grease Unique drop point +3500С Provides reliable work of units Working temperature range - 400С to +1800С
Destination For bearings, high loaded units of vehicles and equipment, electrical gears, ship equipment. The grease is used in extreme load conditions, high temperatures and pressure (vibrations, hard braking, bumpy ride, rough roads) Provides low wear Protects heavily-loaded friction units High drop point Contains antioxidant and antiwear additives
Characteristics NLGI 2 EP Color BLUE Working temperature - 400С to + 1800С; drop point +3500С Confirms DIN 51502-KP2N-30, Man 284 li-h 2; MB 265.1 Analogues: Castrol LMX Mobil Grease XHP 222 Shell Retinax HD 2 Mannol LC2 Hochtemperaturfutten BPW feetweiziger ECO-LI 91 Radlagerfet ARAL
How it works By braking of loaded truck the movement energy turns into the heat. Braking discs and bearings warm up to the highest degrees. To keep the grease in the units is the most important and vital problem. The grease MC-BLUE has passed numerous tests. The bearing had being worked for 9 million cycles under 1800С and load of 50 000 kg/cm2, that is more than 500 000 km without any reparation.