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Multipurpose Metal plating grease MC-1000 for bearings, gears and loaded friction units Metal plating greases contain nanoparticles that restore surfaces of details and decrease wear and friction under high temperature and pressure. Provides low wear; Protects heavily-loaded friction units; Restores bearings;   Metal plating technology is patented by VMPAUTO
Multipurpose EP metal-plating grease MC-1000 contains nanoparticles that restore surfaces of the metal auto parts, and decreases wear and friction. EP grease MC-1000 prolongs service life of bearings in several times. Under pressure and temperature nanoparticles of the EP grease MC-1000 become a part of the bearing and restore the metal surfaces. A new metal layer provides lower friction. This protective layer possesses high wear resistance and protects the bearings from high temperature, loadings, impact and vibrations. Low wear and friction Protection of heavily-loaded friction units Restoration of bearings Good sealing properties
Run more than 65 000 km   - Ordinary lithium grease
Run more than 370 000km - Grease MC-1000
Destination EP grease for bearings, gears, and other friction units of vehicles and equipment, electrical gears, ship equipment. -  Provides low wear -  Protects heavily-loaded friction units -  Restores bearings -  Has good sealing properties -  Reduces losses on friction and wear     Characteristics NLGI 3 EP  Color black  Temperature -400C to +1400C