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Brake grease MC 1600 Innovative product for your brakes Unique working temperature up to +1.000C  Protects caliper from corrosion Eliminates brakes noise Protects slide pins from jamming or blocking Suitable for all parts of the calipers
Use brake grease MC-1600 every time when you replace brake pads PROPERTIES Anticorrosion properties; Temperature from -50°С up to +1000°С; Protects from jamming; Protects rubber parts from deformation; Stability to water washout; Protects caliper from salt and slush; No interaction with brake fluid DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1 Where to use Brake grease MC-1600: Caliper slide pins Back and end sides of brake pads Piston APPLICATION METHOD Apply a thin layer of grease to all caliper parts. For application on the piston use a syringe. CONSUMPTION 5 g. sachet of grease МС-1600 for one kit of brake pads. OPERATION MANUAL - Clean all surfaces of caliper parts from dirt and rust before application - Check the brake pads for damage and replace them if needed - Apply a thin layer of brakes caliper grease to all surfaces according to manufacturer instructions - Use brakes Brake grease MC-1600 every time your replace brake pads
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