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CV-joint grease CV-joint grease  - is an anti-burr metal plating grease based on lithium complex. ADVANTAGES: Possesses high anti-burr properties Perfectly works in extreme conditions Doesn't destroy rubber boot Prolongs operation life of the units Possesses water resistance and high thermal-oxidative stability Used in CV-joints (constant velocity joints)
STANDS IMPACT LOADS It's an anti-burr metal plating grease based on lithium complex. Working temperature range is between -40°С and 140°С Strong complex of anti-burr additives protects CV-joints (constant velocity joints) from wear and impact in extreme conditions. A thin metal layer forms during the work of a friction unit and protects from wear providing a low friction ratio.
Why it's important to use right grease Main feature of the CV-joint is that he consists of needle bearings. Those bearings are very demanding to grease properties: consistency, additives and temperature range.
Innovative Grease for Tripod CV-joints and needle bearings Advantages: Is intended for using in inner cv-joints and needle bearings of all vehicles Has soft consistency (NLGI 1) and high level of penetration to small clearances Does not contain solid additives Was designed with the use of engine oil with medium viscosity index to ensure reliable            operation at low and high temperatures, as well as in a wide range of velocity of shear High working temperature (up to +160ºС) Extends the service life of units, due to its high antiscoring and antiwear properties