WELCOME LUBRICANTS ARE OUR PROFESSION Company Overview REVTEC Motor Lubricant Sdn Bhd, a Manufacturer of top quality automotive lubricants and has been in the industry since it was established in years 2014. Our R&D is a sustainable growth, competitiveness and value-generating tool that enables REVTEC Lubricant to optimise its production processes and product quality, improving its technological capacity. Through its close collaboration with other business units, the Technology unit is able to develop the innovations required to build a competitive position for REVTEC Lubricant by introducing improvements to processes and products and achieving cost savings. STORY In REVTEC Lubricant, we know that evolution implies a process of adaptation or change in order to improve: when we have just reached the best in our products, we are already working to make them better. The new range of motor vehicle lubricants comes from a constant desire of offering an upgrade in our oils, always adapted to the latest and strictest international specifications. The highest quality for protecting the most exigent engines. INTRODUCTION REVTEC Lubricant are engineered with a propriedtary blend of high performance basestocks with a precisely balanced componentadditive system. The three core funtions of ‘anti wear & tear, super clean and protection agai temperature change’ are able to navigate any lubrication problems. Our product range covered Fully Synthetic, Semi Synthetic & Mineral base engine oil to suit all type of engine such as normally aspirated, direct injection (GDI, FSI & SIDI etc), turbo-charged (TSI & TFSI etc). MISSION & VISION REVTEC Lubricant believes that its capacity to generate value is connected to its ability to understand what society expects.
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